SapuraKencana Australia has significant inventory of equipment, some of which are listed.


SapuraKencana Australia owns and operates 2 Triton XLX WROV’s which are permanently installed on its offshore construction vessel, SapuraKencana Constructor.Request more information

Saturation Diving System

SapuraKencana Australia owns and operates Saturation Diving System complete with Hyperbaric Evacuation System and Life Support Machinery to carry out subsea diving operations. The Living Accommodation Chambers can accommodate up to 9 men while the diving bell can accommodate 3 men. Request more information.

Reel Hub Drive

Huisman Reel Hub Drive system designed to carry Technip, NKT and Oceaneering reels. However use of a shim system in the drive adaptor can enable other reels to be accommodated. Request more information.

Rock Bolting Rig

The Rock bolting Rig was designed for the Chevron Upstream Gorgon Domestic Gas Pipeline Stabilisation. The rig Design allows for large or smaller pipe size and different rock bolting activities. Request more information.